Durability, Accuracy and Safety

The Sperry Instruments brand has been synonymous with quality, precision and dependability for over forty years. Industry-leading warranties, expert technical assistance and product support ensure premier testing and measurement solutions. Durability, accuracy and safety are the hallmark of these tried and true solutions.

  • There's no commitment or cost and you keep the tools you test for FREE!

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  • NEW
    SMART meter Functions as a standard DMM and fully functional with a smart phone or tablet!
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  • DualCheck Tester from Sperry Instruments saves you time and money!
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  • The Stop Shock 2 circuit analyzer makes it easy to test GFCI receptacles.
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  • See The Heat

    with Sperry's non contact IR Scanners

    Measures temperature without contacting the object's surface, providing fast and easy results in seconds
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  • Sperry Instruments

    Testers, Meters, Probes

    Unique Functionality for even the most demanding professional

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  • Power Products LLC acquires King Innovation®
    King InnovationĀ® is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the irrigation, electrical, gas utility and landscape lighting markets. Read the full press release
  • Power Products LLC acquires Bergen Industries Inc.
    Las Vegas based Bergen is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of construction and maintenance lighting and electrical products. Read the full press release
  • SMARTMeter™ digital multimeter has won a Top Product of 2016 award.
    The innovative SMARTMeter™ functions as a traditional DMM with capabilities for a smart phone or tablet to view, monitor, and capture pictures and data.

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  • The DualCheck™ has won yet another award!
    We are extremely pleased to announce that the Dual Check™ 2-in-1 non-contact voltage tester and GFCI outlet tester has been chosen as a Top Product of 2016 by Electrical Products and Solutions magazine. Read the full story
  • DualCheck™ Receives Product of the Year Gold Award.
    Sperry Instrument’s new patent pending Dual Check™ tester received Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year Gold Award.

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