Durability, Accuracy and Safety

The Sperry Instruments brand has been synonymous with quality, precision and dependability for over forty years. Industry-leading warranties, expert technical assistance and product support ensure premier testing and measurement solutions. Durability, accuracy and safety are the hallmark of these tried and true solutions.

  • NEW
    SMART meter Functions as a standard DMM and fully functional with a smart phone or tablet!
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  • DualCheck Tester from Sperry Instruments saves you time and money!
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  • The Stop Shock 2 circuit analyzer makes it easy to test GFCI receptacles.
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  • See The Heat

    with Sperry's non contact IR Scanners

    Measures temperature without contacting the object's surface, providing fast and easy results in seconds
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  • Sperry Instruments

    Testers, Meters, Probes

    Unique Functionality for even the most demanding professional

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  • DualCheck™ Receives Product of the Year Gold Award.
    Sperry Instrument’s new patent pending Dual Check™ tester received Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year Gold Award.

    Read the story!
  • SMARTmeter - The Future is Here!
    View, monitor, capture pictures and data all through your smart phone or tablet! Sperry's new SMART meter is the only smart digital MultiMeter that retails for under $100 on the market today

    Announcing the SMART meter!
  • DualCheck™ Wins ECM Product Award
    The DualCheck™ from Sperry Instruments® is a “New to the World” tester that saves you time and money. It incorporates a latest technology Non-Contact Voltage Tester and GFCI Outlet Tester into a single unit. See why it won!
  • Combining features and functions with durability and style isn't a new concept. In our Voice-Data-Video offering, we just did it better. See our new Voice-Data-Video solutions