DualCheck™ Wins ECM Product Award

Building on their reputation for focused new product development, Gardner Bender / Sperry Instruments have recently been awarded two Product of the Year awards from Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine. The awards came in the Portable Equipment and Fasteners, Hangers, and Accessories categories for the new Dual Check™ tester and Cutting Edge™ Self Cutting Cable Ties. “Innovation is critical to our success” said Dave Wiesemann, VP of Product Development and Marketing. “We put a tremendous amount of resources into R&D and new product development. We are extremely proud to be recognized by an industry authority such as EC&M.”


The DualCheck™ from Sperry Instruments® is a “New to the World” tester that saves you time and money. It incorporates a latest technology Non-Contact Voltage Tester and GFCI Outlet Tester into a single unit. These are two of the most popular testers by electricians, inspectors, technicians and homeowners. With Sperry Instruments’ advanced technology, the DualCheck™ quickly provides an accurate analysis of your 120 volt receptacle. The Non-Contact offers a 360° LED indicator and the best in class outlet tester detects low resistance values on the ground wire. This proprietary designed tester also provides a clear and easy-to understand 1 LED readout – there are no charts to decipher or memorize! Designed for the job-sight or home, this tester features Hi-impact ABS housing with 250 pound crush rating and the ability to withstand a drop of up to 10 ft. This tool increases your productivity on any job it faces.