Testing Equipment Roundup

Posted on: 9/5/2019 3:26:00 PM

Electrical Products & Solutions

“Testing Equipment Roundup” Special Section feature. (August 2019 issue, pg. 24)
Sperry Instruments has been providing test equipment to electricians since 1966. They back all their products with a Lifetime Warranty. DURABLE, ACCURATE, SAFE is their credo!
The new patented Adjustable Volt Sensor™ VD6509 which allows for sensitivity adjustments from 12-1000 VAC in multiple-wire settings when precision and safety are crucial, has an added light that helps you to see inside tight spaces where shadows can get in the way.

Need more?  The DM6850T is one of the most accurate digital multimeters on the market! AC Voltage: ± (1.1% + 3), DC Voltage: ± (0.6% + 2), AC Current: ± (1.6% + 3), DC Current: ± (1.1% + 3), Resistance: ± (1.0% + 1). This True RMS multimeter uses “Smart Meter Technology”. It uses bluetooth to communicate the meter’s data to an Android or iPhone via the free “SperrySmartMeter” app found on Google Play or the App Store. The DM6850T features datalogging with 2MB storage, GPS feature tracks recording locations, Min/Max function to hold either the min. reading or max. reading on the display. A data hold feature captures the reading on the display. The large backlit LCD display is perfect for low light. The multimeter is THIN! It is less than 3/4” thick so it fits easily into a pocket.

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