Introducing Dual Check™

Announcing Sperry’s innovative patent pending design in a 2 in 1 tester.

Innovative “New to the World” tester saves you time and money, while providing quality you can trust. It incorporates a latest technology Non-Contact Voltage Tester and GCFI Outlet Tester into a single unit. These are 2 of the most popular testers by electricians, inspectors, technicians and homeowners.

With Sperry Instrument’s advanced technology, the DualCheck™ quickly provides an accurate analysis of your 120 volt receptacle. The Non-Contact offers a 360° LED indicator and the this best in class outlet can detect low resistance values on the ground and provide a clear and easy-to understand 1 LED readout - there are not any charts to read or memorize!

Not only is this a high-quality item, but it is durable and can withstand a 10 foot drop and has up to a 250 pound crush. This is a great tool that increases the productivity of any job.

  • Time Saver: Instead of having to carry, check and review the results from 2 separate tools, you now just need one. One less tool to keep track of, double the value.
  • Save Money: Savings over buying each tool separately.
  • Merchandise: This can be placed on a clip, display or on the counter. Can be put in the electrical area or up front as this is a multi-use product.
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • GFCI tester with advanced ground testing circuitry
  • Exclusive 1 LED Readout - No charts, instant results
  • 360° LED indicator
  • Hi-impact ABS housing with over-molded grips
  • Can withstand a 10 foot drop
  • Has a 250 pound crush rating
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Item # UPC Description Color Qty
VD7504GFI 032076937225 DualCheck™ Yellow & Black 1

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